Production Centre

With its flexible, generous infrastructure, the Pina Bausch Centre will offer artistic productions of international status professional conditions and extensive freedom. It will have the potential to win exclusive rights to daring, influential works by internationally active artists.

The Production Centre will offer large, multidisciplinary stage productions from Germany and the world the space and opportunity for world, German or European premieres, or revivals, following any necessary final rehearsals in Wuppertal. At the same time new projects and in-house series will be initiated. With an international focus, the Production Centre will make Wuppertal a hub and home for innovative artists and multidisciplinary creative projects from the whole world. At the same time the stage will provide the opportunity to host existing productions on tour or unusual collaborations with large ensembles, globally sought-after companies who radically redefine theatrical space. The company already has very close relationships with many other radical ensembles and artists throughout the world, who could be invited to enhance the influence of the Pina Bausch Centre through their work. The international focus will build on both the extended touring and coproduction activities of the company and on the dance festivals organised by Pina Bausch herself in Wuppertal and neighbouring cities.