Pina Bausch Foundation

The Pina Bausch Foundation is currently itemising Pina Bausch’s extensive artistic heritage to make it accessible in the form of an archive. The foundation’s aim is to keep the diverse material and invaluable knowledge of this unique artistic oeuvre alive, so that it can continue to inspire succeeding generations and provoke new creative activities.

The Pina Bausch Archive will be a site of learning, research and encounter, in which theoretical and practical involvement with Pina Bausch’s legacy will come together. The archive’s complex layers of materials will be accessible in a digital database which will also inspire unconventional search and research paths, and enable exciting, continually renewed approaches to the art of Pina Bausch and to dance.

As a centre for study and research the Pina Bausch Archive is the hub and nucleus of all explorations of her work worldwide. Lectures, seminars and conferences, directly and indirectly addressing her work will further stimulate this.

Other key activities will include exhibitions, interdisciplinary co-operation and workshops. A diverse range of activities will be aimed at both dance professionals, creating a space for the next generation of dance artists to test and develop ideas, and at people of various ages, backgrounds and education. This will enable people to learn about the huge artistic legacy of Pina Bausch, to investigate it and find their own ways of getting involved with it. The Pina Bausch Foundation is already initiating its own research projects and publications series, and is co-operating with academics. It will intensify this in the context of the Pina Bausch Centre’s work, thus contributing immensely to the access of new audiences to the work of Pina Bausch.

Within the network of agencies at the Pina Bausch Centre, the Pina Bausch Foundation’s activities will represent an important motor, and a space for research and development, which will form a crucial foundation for the activities of the other agencies and connect them via areas of expertise such as scholarship and research, education and supporting emerging talent.

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