Participation – Wupperbogen Forum

Participatory processes have become a key driver of social cohesion and the coming together of communities in the fields of science, politics, the economy, education, urban planning and art. New forms of collaboration are crucial for civic growth and have long-term positive effects on the functioning of our society. This is the core idea behind the Wupperbogen Forum. Participation cuts across all aspects of the Pina Bausch Centre’s work. Artistic strategies and very practical shared experiences are used to change how we interact with each other. Various kinds of "urban performance" also contribute to sustainable urban development by initiating artistic and participatory interventions. The Pina Bausch Centre is an innovative pilot project, modelling a cultural institution fit for the 21st century. It aims to be an open space that can be used by the public throughout the day. Developing an appropriate organisational structure is part of this overarching process.